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Most lubricants damage sperm, as shown in numerous studies, and should be avoided for optimal sperm quality and outcomes:

Theriogel is the ONLY lubricant to not decrease stallion sperm motility during both fresh & cold storage in prospective, blind studies.

Theriogel does not interfere with the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs, or support subsequent embryo development, even after exposure to high concentrations of 50% (v/v - bovine in vitro fertilization model).

Theriogel was developed by a DVM, PhD, Theriogenologist with over 15 years of federal funding in sperm physiology.

Theriogel is the only lubricant formulated with:

Veterinary lubricant for horse breeding and dog breeding
For Animal Use Only

User Story

“Our mare had huge open wounds on both her back legs due to a fence injury. It has taken a year of nursing to get her back to functioning. At first we tried every salve and ointment under her dressings. Then we switched to Therio-gel* and it was amazing! It really helped her heal faster and the tissues looked clean and healthy each day when we changed the bandages.”

JC, Spangle WA

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